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Debt Advice and Debt Help Blackburn

At SOS Debt we have years of experience in helping people deal with personal debt. We can put together a personal financial plan, with the information you supply, enabling you to pay your essential bills and calculating how much money is available to meet your monthly credit commitments.

At SOS Debt we have 2 ways of helping you with your debt; our Debt Management Plan (DMP) is for people with debt totalling approximately £20,000 and at least 3 creditors or whose circumstances do not allow them to qualify for a Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA).

Over the years our debt management and debt help team in Blackburn have helped numerous individuals and households in Lancashire become debt free. Our team are hear to listen and help you achieve your debt free goals. We know it is difficult to make that initial phone call, but once you take that first step, our team can take all the stress away.